Mini Charts

The mini charts let you easily keep track of multiple markets at once - in a compact view particularly ideal for use on your mobile phone. You can load different watch-lists of markets into the page, quickly change the timeframe on one or all charts, change between different chart styles such as line vs candlesticks, and apply technical indicators such as moving averages, Keltner channels, or Parabolic SAR.

Settings Modifications

Use the settings icon to change an individual chart. You can switch it to a different market or timeframe. You can change the style of the chart between three options: area, line, or candlestick. You can modify the chart's colors. Or you can choose between over 20 different indicators to add to the chart, including several types of moving average, Keltner channel! and M/A envelopes, high/low prices, linear regression, and parabolic SAR. The View menu lets you load a different watch-list of markets into the page, or lets you modify all the charts at once. You can change the chart types, add or remove indicators, or modify the market or timeframe displayed on all charts.

More FX Blue Tools
Currency Strength
This indicator helps traders see which currencies are the strongest and which are the weakest on different time scales.
Trader Sentiment
The sentiment is based on the number of real-money accounts (not demo) on FX Blue which are currently net-long or net-short.
Price Alerts
Create price alerts, and receive immediate notifications by email when your thresholds are hit.
Market Scanner
The scanner looks for events which are close to happening, such as new highs and lows, and which may cause a reaction in the market.
Market Ranges
The market ranges show you the price action vs volatility on selected markets, either as an at-a-glance chart or as a detailed list.

Market Analysis

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