Trade Balance USD

The Trade Balance released by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China is a balance between exports and imports of total goods and services. A positive value shows trade surplus, while a negative value shows trade deficit. It is an event that generates some volatility for the CNY. As the Chinese economy has influence on the global economy, this economic indicator would have an impact on the Forex market. In general, a high reading is seen as positive (or bullish) CNY, while a low reading is seen as negative (or bearish) for the CNY.

Most recent - Friday 7 June 2024 03:00


Higher numbers than forecast tend to be bullish for CNY/xxx pairs and bearish for xxx/CNY pairs.

Next event - Monday 8 July 2024 03:00


The typical/expected impact on CNY pairs is medium.

There is no forecast value for Trade Balance USD yet - check back for updates.

Trading range

Forecast history

The most recent announced value for Trade Balance USD was $82.62B against a forecast of $73B.

Past events

Friday 7 June 2024 03:00
Thursday 9 May 2024 03:00
Friday 12 April 2024 07:00
Thursday 7 March 2024 03:00
Friday 12 January 2024 02:30
Thursday 7 December 2023 03:00
Tuesday 7 November 2023 03:00
Friday 13 October 2023 03:09
Thursday 7 September 2023 03:00
Tuesday 8 August 2023 03:00
Thursday 13 July 2023 03:00
Wednesday 7 June 2023 03:00
Tuesday 9 May 2023 03:00
Thursday 13 April 2023 03:00
Tuesday 7 March 2023 04:20
Friday 13 January 2023 03:00
Wednesday 7 December 2022 03:00
Monday 7 November 2022 03:00
Monday 24 October 2022 03:00
Wednesday 7 September 2022 03:00
Sunday 7 August 2022 03:00
Wednesday 13 July 2022 06:35
Thursday 9 June 2022 03:00
Monday 9 May 2022 02:00
Wednesday 13 April 2022 02:00
Monday 7 March 2022 03:00
Monday 7 March 2022 03:00
Friday 14 January 2022 02:00
Tuesday 7 December 2021 02:00
Sunday 7 November 2021 02:00
Wednesday 13 October 2021 03:00
Tuesday 7 September 2021 03:04
Saturday 7 August 2021 01:59
Tuesday 13 July 2021 03:00

Economic context

Recent economic data has been moderately bullish for CNY. Other recent announcements which may affect the market's interpretation of the next Trade Balance USD result:

Industrial Production (YoY)Bearish change6.7%5.6%
Retail Sales (YoY)Bullish change2.3%3.7%
Consumer Price Index (MoM)Bearish change0.1%-0.1%
Consumer Price Index (YoY)(no change)0.3%0.3%
Producer Price Index (YoY)Bullish change-2.5%-1.4%
Exports (YoY)Bullish change1.5%7.6%
Exports (YoY) CNYBullish change5.1%11.2%
Imports (YoY)Bearish change8.4%1.8%
Imports (YoY) CNYBearish change12.2%5.2%
Trade Balance CNYBullish change513.45B586.4B
Caixin Services PMIBullish change52.554

About Trade Balance USD

Source:National Bureau of Statistics of China
Category:Capital Flows
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