FX Blue Mobile

FX Blue Mobile is a version of the FX Blue Live website which is specially designed for iPhone and Android devices. You can see your account status in near real-time, thanks to our Publisher EA which updates almost instantly when new trading activity occurs.

Download - FX Blue Mobile

About the app

There is a special version of the FX Blue Live website designed for iPhone and Android devices:


iPhone users can add this as an app on their home screen by opening the site in Safari, tapping on the button, and choosing "Add to Home Screen".

You can also use this from your desktop web browser as a simple and very fast way of keeping track of your accounts.

Our Publisher EA updates your FX Blue Live account almost instantly when new trades are opened or closed, and can be configured to re-publish as frequently as every 60 seconds in between trade activity.

Therefore, you can see account updates on your iPhone or Android in near real-time.

N.B. for iPhone users: the main website is fully usable from an iPhone, but there is one useful tip which many iPhone users don't know about. To scroll an area like the grids on the Stats page, use a two-fingered swipe. (This works on lots of websites which have a scrollable area inside the main page.)

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